Le Bosquet De La Dryade

Welcome to Le Bosquet De La Dryade, a series of projects like so many trees at the bend of the path.


I am Chlöé the dryade who invites you to travel in the heart of the grove. Here you will find enough to fill your eyes with pretty images related to seasonality, holidays, projects brought by my encounters, fantastic beings straight out of my dreams and many other things.


Le Bosquet De La Dryade is a fantasy stationery, orders of original custom works using mainly watercolor and ink but also a service of creation of-makingtailor-made parts and posters and individual or collective courses and workshops to do good and create in freedom or bring a plus to your professional activity. I also offer you my services to create your brand, association, group etc visuals.

You will find more information about my different services in the "services" tab of this site or by contacting me via the contact form in the "contact" tab ;)


Le Bosquet De La Dryade is also a space for sharing values that are dear to me:

-Ecology and the living are at the heart of creation in the grove; so I use as little packaging as possible and only materials that are easily recycled or degraded.  I also avoid the use of animal products; you will not see animal hair brushes during my workshops and classes and the majority of watercolours I use are therefore without honey. In the same way I work to the maximum in short circuit and the closest to home with local partners and paid correctly. No you will not see postcards or posters made in China or other at 20 cents here. My packaging supplier is currently Dutch, I work with Italians for stickers and the rest of my stationery production is made by French printers. I request as much as possible the use of PEFC paper and environmentally friendly inks. I also limit the use of plastic film on my products.

-The sharing and respect of others, the openness of art to everyone is an inherent notion in the life of the grove. It’s certainly related to my background as a specialized teacher and my education, but it is important for me that all my classes and workshops are adaptable to the extraordinary peculiarities of each one. I do not tolerate any judgment between people who join a collective workshop. You can be quiet workshops and courses in the grove are carried out in a safe space that is dear to me. After all you come to do you good and share a moment of relaxation and creation not for anything else. In order to be accessible to as many people as possible, my services are also offered in distance and with a wide range of options to adapt to each exchange.

-Respect for the rhythms of each person and of nature is essential to feel good and progress. The stationery collections I propose to you adapt to the seasons and traditional holidays but also to my creative rhythm. Similarly, workshops and courses in the grove can be taken on an ad hoc basis or on a flat fee basis with a certain regularity (weekly, monthly, on a spun course). We all have our own learning rhythms, our moments of availability or hibernation, there is no point in wanting to do too much when we are not ready.


Let your desires guide you, waste some time in the heart of the grove and do not hesitate to contact me if you feel like it.


Sweet ride.