Tuto autumn crown in relief

By On 17/09/2023

Hello you ^^


Today I propose you to paint an autumn crown in 3D :)

Yes I know we are still in summer... 

But with the festivities of September in the Grove (2 years with you already!!) I want to go much in autumn mood ^^


Here is the link of the video: autumn crown in relief

Mini yt couronne automnale en relief










Sweet ride !



Introduction to Textures

By On 16/08/2023

Hello you ^^


The new video of the Youtube channel of Le Bosquet will give you concrete tracks to advance on the work of textures in watercolor.


This is an introduction that takes the basics. If you start it will be perfect for you.

If you have been painting for a while I advise you to search the blog or the Youtube channel to find something more suitable for your level ;)


Whether you want to paint a landscape, a person, plants, a building facade or other ; texture work is essential to obtain a living painting full of emotions. But do not worry with some tricks it is not so difficult to get pretty renderings.;p


I let you discover all this here : introduction to textures

Mini yt introduction aux textures


Sweet ride.



Vlog A day in Le Bosquet

By On 10/08/2023

Hello you ^^


Today I meet you to share a typical day in Le Bosquet.

I show you in this vlog format the different highlights of my day between work and essential breaks ;)


I let you discover all this right here: vlog 1/ a day at Le Bosquet

Mini youtube vlog ete 2023


I look forward to your feedback ;)


Sweet ride.