You are creator, entrepreneur, private and you like the universe of the Grove ?

Would you like a logo, an original watercolor or unique invitations ?

Do you want to start or progress with watercolour ?

You are in the right place;)


Here are the various services offered at Le Bosquet in partnership with my French printers for stationery.

I remind you that I only paint on 100% cotton paper with watercolors of great professional brands or French craftsmen and craftswomen having similar qualities (good pigmentation, resistance to light).

In the concern to lessen the impact of the Grove on the surrounding forests and waterways and to let the animals go about their natural occupations; I limit to the maximum the use of animal materials, water and paper in my work process and in the choice of my printers.


1) Creation of communication elements for companies:

Is your company taking up a lot of time? Not comfortable creating your logo or business cards?

I can create your corporate communications elements: logo, business cards, thank you cards, flyers, posters, banners, banières, etc

I work from your detailed request on quote and order form in the concern of beautiful and efficient for your communication. 

The idea is that you leave the Grove with digital documents ready for printing or your products printed by my trusted printer.

I attach great importance to offering you a service that makes it possible to harmonize your communication on the principle of the graphic charter so that you can be confident and save time when carrying out your future projects.


2) Stationery creation service for individuals:

A beautiful event to share? Invitations to prepare? A reception room to decorate?

I propose you to create from A to Z your stationery in accordance with your desires: thematics, colors, textures, etc

If you like my universe we can create together the announcement, the menu, the invitation, the poster that suits you and which you have been dreaming for days ( or more;))!

I work from your detailed request on quote and order form in the concern of the beautiful so that your event looks like you and is unforgettable.

You will leave the Grove with digital documents ready for printing or your products printed by my trusted printer.


3) Online or face-to-face courses and workshops:

Are you getting into watercolour? Are you stuck in your progression? Can’t find inspiration or more?

Do you want to paint with a person who listens to your needs in benevolence and good mood without any judgment?

Whether you want to progress for pleasure or for a more professional purpose; I put my skills at your disposal during private lessons or in small groups (max 5 people).

I offer one or two hours of private lessons by videoconference or face-to-face at my home or yours.

Thematic workshops for individuals or businesses in different locations in my city are expected to take place in 2023. I will keep you informed;)


4) Original watercolour on order:

Do you want to offer a unique painting to a loved one? Gift of an original watercolor? 

I propose the realization of original watercolours on order respecting a theme and/ or a color range on which we agree.

I can make monograms, bouquets, animals or portraits from photographs, a herbarium, etc 

I can also include a quotation or sentence of your choice, a date or a calligraphy first name on your board.

You order an original, creation time, non-replaceable and wearable material, hours of work, an order that others won’t buy because it looks like you.

Please note that any original order placed is paid before sending and that I do not take back or refund the originals unless there is a transport problem that has deteriorated them.


In addition to these services, you can find the world of the Grove on my shop ETSY by clicking here or order the originals available in the folio holder of the site by clicking here:)



L'antre du satyre :

"Chlöé listened to my music and the artistic world around it to find the major elements and the scene to illustrate on the cover of my EP Seasons and my company logo. We exchanged on the various elements as the project progressed, always simply and efficiently. I thank Chlöé for his attention and creativity throughout our exchanges. The logo color proposals immediately matched my initial request, the softness of the logo and the work of balance are well implemented. For EP Seasons, I really liked the texture work, the color gradient of the sky, the tree and the steles."

Maxence of l'antre du satyre

L'Optimisatrice :

"I recommend classes with Chlöé. She listens well and respects our pace of work. She gives lots of tips and tricks. Great experience!"



Tricotine la fée tricot :


Sweet ride.





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